Roxy's Guide to Sustainable Gifting

I love this time of year - the family and friends, the food, the lights, the snow, and the food… did I mention the food? I enjoy curling up with a hot cup of a tea, a warm blanket, and good flick - usually Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter over and over. This time of year also marks the height of consumerism in many countries around the world. I made a pledge to be more sustainable in all aspects of life at the start of this year, and plan to stick with it when it comes to giving this season. I’ve curated a list of gift ideas that won’t create trash bags of waste:

  • baked goods - make a batch of cookies, a loaf of banana bead, a cake, or a pie - options are infinite.

  • memberships - museum or fitness club memberships, streaming service subscriptions, etc.

  • dining out - everyone likes to eat, so treat a loved one to a lovely brunch or lunch or dinner.

  • tickets - concerts, sporting events, the ballet, the circus - there is something for everyone.

  • services - pamper someone with a trip to the spa, or a home cleaning service, or a car wash - services can range from practical to superfluous, and won’t stick you with a ton of wrapper paper to toss out.

  • eco-friendly accessories - metal straws, reusable tote bags, glass coffee mugs, bar shampoo - perfect for the friend that gets scolded for not saving the sea turtles.

  • instead of buying new rolls of wrapping paper, which usually come packaged in plastic film, try substituting it out with magazine pages or newspaper, or put the gift in a reusable cloth bag.

  • thrift store items - used books, a tea set, fun jewelry, a silly mug, an ugly sweater.

  • windowsill plants - a succulent, or herb plants like basil and mint.

  • homemade items - crafty folks, this is your time to shine, whether you sew, knit, paint, draw, make soap, etc. homemade gifts are extra heart warming to receive. For the less crafty folks like myself - buying hand crafted items from local shops is a good way to support small businesses, and the local economy.

We don’t need to give into mass marketing and consumerism in order to have a fulfilling and joyful holiday season - embrace the people that make life great. Cheers!