Top 20 Portland To-Do’s

McMennamin’s Edgefield

McMennamin’s Edgefield is a little bit outside of Portland, about a 30 minute drive east. The grounds are huge and there are so many fun things to do here. They brew beer and spirits on site here, and you can play golf, soak in a pool, or even see a concert. I saw Sam Smith a few years back, when he was fresh on the scene. There are tiny little bars inside sheds, a murals all over the Grand Lodge. I would suggest booking a room for a night to get the full effects, and so that you can take full advantage of all the bars on site - if you can find them all.

Portland Timbers FC Game

I must say, as a huge Timbers FC fan, being in the Timbers Amy on a hot summer day, with a cold beer, waving a flag around is one of the top five things I miss. If you happen to be in Portland during the soccer season, try and snag yourself a ticket to attend a game. The stadium has recently expanded its seating, and the food is actually quite good - lots of local eats are available inside. And don’t forget to wear green and gold.

Powell’s Books

Powell’s is the largest, independently owned bookstore in the US, possibly the world (sorry, Strand). I spent many childhood afternoons here thumbing through books in the cafe with my parents. This Portland staple has opened a number of smaller locations scattered around the metro area, but be sure to visit the main location on Burnside.

Rose Garden & Japanese Garden


Nature Hike/Columbia River Gorge

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah County Library

Park Blocks

Saturday Market

Brewery Tours

Ringside Steakhouse

Bicycle Tour

Food Carts

Tom McCall’s Waterfront Park